How Much Does It Cost to Start a Passive Income Website

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You may have a dozen reasons you’re not ready to start your first passive income niche website right now. But don’t let cost be the thing that holds you back.

In this video we’ll tell you everything you need to be ready to pay for in the first year of your new website.


Beanie Green says:

What's the advantage to buying your 60 step package V. Watching your videos and reading your newsletters?

Charith Guna says:

hello, i watch your videos, i like you and your friends videos very much, we can get more knowledge from it, i have website. i'm working hard to improve it, if you have free time go to my web

jalabi99 says:

I never buy anything from GoDaddy. Namecheap offers you free privacy protection for as long as you continue to use them as your domain name registrar.

InDroVidual says:

Logo advice: draw up a rough draft, take a picture of it, upload the photos to your computer, go to Fiverr and order a logo for 5$. Hit the guy up ahead of time and see if he can draw up your design then boom, you got something nice. Maybe leave a tip too

Nick E says:

Thanking for putting up this video and sharing your message…

Imer Imran says:

Awesome video

Brent Huntley says:

Only thing I had to buy was hosting and domain and site is doing well. I paid 3 years of hosting so it was a bit more.

Players Choice Mounds says:

Great info for people just starting

Mr. T says:

I use Google domains as my registrar and the privacy fee is $0. I moved all of my domains from GoDaddy to Google and I've been very happy with how they handle my domains.

Lansing Does Business says:

Bluehost and Host gator are not on the same level as SiteGround.
I've used all three and SiteGround is far better. Especially customer service.
One thing to note is SiteGround may be around $50-60 first year but renewal is $240.
They kind of hide that and explain they give an introductory low price to get you hooked on their service and to see how good it is. It is great, but wish they were upfront with that.

Thanks for the great content.

Ecuador Abroad says:

Awesome, I've been planning to do a day trip for photos, but I totally did not think about taking photos of me posing for thumbnails. Great idea!

Torzbay says:

Also plugin does a great job of compressing Images.

Guide Recommended says:

Great video guys! Proud P24 member.  Making site 3 now, $$ is coming in on the first 2 sites I've built with you.

NicksNutrition says: is a great free resource for creating your own logo and website featured images.

Kripesh Adwani says:

Very informative video ??

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