Exactly how I make Passive Income in Real Estate [Single Family Houses]

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Here’s exactly how I make over $160k in passive income from real estate. ***P.S. Checkout this iCloud spreadsheet as you watch for more details*** goo.gl/i9ktUv — A MISTAKE IN THIS HAS BEEN CORRECTED 4/25/2018

People often wonder how to make passive income in real estate and quickly discount many options due to the lack of ‘apparent’ cash flow. Watch this video for some real insight information on principal pay down, tax benefits, market appreciation, real estate deductions, and more.

We’ll also show you exactly what the mortgage statements are on these houses.

Of course, I’m not a financial advisor or CPA, so if you need financial or accounting advice, contact such an advisor.


mugentuner says:

Can't believe you're only 26 dude, you got experience like a 50 year old that is actionable by anyone.

DotNetRussell says:

The same way baby raptors get the scent of their mother when they crack out of their shell for the first time, my tenants all know I'm the owner. They read my rental listing, they meet me when I show the unit, they sign the lease I designed, they call my phone when there's things that are broken and they get my personal check for their security deposit when they leave. This is my ship and I know every nut and bolt that makes it work. Nothing escapes me.

Empire Textbooks says:

Great video! Do you have any videos that talk about what happens to rent in recessions for various markets (such as median rent apartments vs luxury apartments vs low-income areas)?

Kathleen Hernandez says:

I can't believe you said that the wealthy are snatching up the rent control units in the same breathe as leaving their units in decrepit conditions due to the rent control. Is anyone in the comment section listening to the words?

BBoy Loretto says:

Ok this sounds great so how does someone like me with no previous knowledge get started ?

Princess says:

Hi Kevin, I'm 39 mum and just starting out in the real estate market, salary of $65-$84k a year. It might be hard to catch up as I'm starting late but what advise can you give me?

Papp Sebastian Georgian says:

Why u need ads on your vids if u make so much money already wtf, it doesn't make any sense

Steve J says:

Was wondering about rental write offs and rental income losses. I'm no expert but that amount is capped at someone earning around 150k right? I have no clue if this pertains to the expenses you are talking about. See Passive Activity Loss Limitations in the tax booklet.

Riqueza Financiera says:

You should reduce the number of advertisements ? great work ? thanks

Ben V says:

So basically, someone would actually have to keep his regular job to make any real spendable money in real estate.

Ohloveeh says:

What is that weird background noise or music?

marks jams G says:

One question.. your taxes on rent income was 5288.40.. would that not be per month so you would need to multiple this by 12 for year? Or $63460.80????

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