The Truth About Passive Income? ?

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Is “Passive Income” Real Thing Or Is It Bullsh*t?

Gary Vee recently posted a new video and podcast episode where he talks about passive income being BS, his opinions on it and more (Watch Gary’s Original Video:

I love Gary’s content and his message. Including this one… While this video has been doing the rounds on social media this past week people have been taking it WILDLY out of context. Gary even starts off the video stating that most of his own income is mostly passive.

So I figured I’d film this quick video with my response and my own opinions of passive income and the validity of it. I’ll go over some of my personal experiences with passive income and the way I define it.

I’d love to hear what you guys think in the comments below. Let me know what you think!

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Matthew Sabia says:

What do you think? ?What are some forms of passive income you've been able to generate and what do you think about Gary's video? Leave a comment and let me know! Also, don't forget to follow me on Instagram! ?

Randy Ford says:

getting a better mentor is a big thing. looking for real not fake selling a cores mentors in ad selling and a like serves need a way to get phone numbers to track call to costumers from my landing page. have a logo webpage and company email domain with a llc short on cash to start up. will not plug my co. name just need a good direction.

Eli - says:

You play fortnite bro?

Rock-X Carkey says:

Hey bro I have a question for you
Is it possible to generate income in Shopify without investing a single penny.

List Maker says:

Finally a video! Dude, I am happy you still there 🙂

Basit Zaman says:

I want you to be my mentor <3

Renjith R says:

Hi Matt, in ur previous video u mentioned Deep social but now it is closed.Is there any affordable alternate . Waiting for ur replay.

Jayme Thorpe says:

omgosh, again, LOVE your videos and Instagram posts Matthew!! How do we get onto the Q&A Sessions with you? I have an investor, but I don't know how I can move him in at this point of our company? He's already very wealthy and just wants me to be successful and make some money himself as well.

Contribute a passive income stream.. was thinking a youtube channel showing my products- is this passive?

hichamtube says:

I like ur contact, three months I couldn't start anything give me an advice and I will stick to it

The betta says:

any suggestions on free traffic to a store

mohamed ahmed says:

Can't wait

Mehdi Takhim says:

Rent maan freaking Reeeent. real estate is the most profitable passive income imo.

xjoycerawr says:

Hi Matthew. Thanks for creating these great videos. I want to start my Shopify store but don't know which niche to gear towards. Any recommendations?

Fara sens Tv says:

Thanks man..You inspire me.
Just ordered some stuff,opening my shopify for fashion and hopefully can find some instagram influencers to start with

muhammad kodir says:

What is your online business recommendation for beginners, because I've tried shopify, teespring, affiliate, and adsense but always fail. The problem is the same, it's hard to get traffic. Maybe your input can help me solve this problem. Thanks

Matthew Rhodes says:

hey, I setup a website 8 months ago. Didnt market didnt SEO. made a whopping $12.00 8 months later. Passive is possible hahahah

Tech Support says:

Hey which webcam or dslr you use? Please specify!!

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