How To Make TRUE PASSIVE Income ? ($400/day+)

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Jeff Polaras says:

These young idiot's are afraid of work..always looking for the next get rich quick scheme while living Parents or cheap apartment…

Vasiliy Kolpaxidis says:

I think you are speak for real things. To make a passive income just work hard for 5-6 years to build your real passive income. I think a real estate will be the better choise! Thnks for video

Art Dafi says:

Hey guys, this is your opportunity to make money online, you can make an extra money $20 – $125 for only 1 hour by taking surveys, testing trial of products, testing beta apps before to come out. If you'd like me to give you access just comment bellow "How" and i'll reply you the access details.

Jeff Okriya says:

Passive per excellence is the first one you mentioned . . lending money. Another is books, songs, inventions . . where you earn royalties. There's artists (musicians) who have lived out of a one-hit-wonder they had decades away.

Salvador Jesus Jorge Contreras says:

I liked the idea of lending club but I think you must live in the states in order to invest money right ?

anthony dyson says:

Even if you could find ONE truly passive money idea, 100% untouchable, how long do you think it would be around before it would become saturated? Especially if you ANNOUNCED IT HERE…

ellobillo999 says:

You said the you are really lazy but then you said the thing about the books !!! Thas a no no

Tryingtofly says:

Real estate is has proven to be the best “ passive” income that I have had, minus 401k and other investments that I will use for retirement. I had a house, and took a risk investing in another duplex, which I moved into just over 2 years ago. The house and other side of the duplex rent paid for the mortgages, taxes, and insurance. Basically, I lived mortgage free. However, there was the $50k downpayment on the duplex that made me house poor for awhile, and repairs that were necessary along the way. Now, I just sold the house, which I had owned for 8 years, paid off the duplex, and took about $10k cash out of it. The duplex has a new roof, new garage, and the tenants have some improvements which allow me to raise rent to $1100 per month, still $200 under median rent for this 2 bed 1 bath, so I truly have a little “passive” income. Know this, reward takes risk and hard work. Nothing is, or should be, free. I will say, I live well below my means, which is not for everyone. It took about 2 years for me to find the duplex I wanted, and it worked out. So at 44 years old I literally have no debt.

Scott Seufert says:

So many people here don't know what passive income really is. It's simple. Passive income is income you receive after your efforts are complete. Yes, writing a book is hard, that doesn't mean the money you made years after your wrote isn't passive. Stephen King is STILL getting paid for books he wrote decades ago .. THAT is passive income!

Regular income is direct payment for direct work. Work 40 hours get paid 40 hours.

Passive income has no bearing on the difficulty of the work performed, nor how long you had to work. Write 1 book, get paid thousands of times is indeed a passive income.

Passive income IS NOT the same as free money.

Aaron says:

Dude none of these things are passive lol

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