How to make Passive Income: Why I make $6470/month

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Here’s exactly how I make $6470 per month….or $215 per day…in passive income. I’ll also share some great ways to make money on the side and why it’s so much better to have your money working for YOU, than YOU working for money. Feel free to add me on Snapchat and Instagram: GPStephan

How I make $6470 per month:
Owning five rental properties – $4650/month
Paying down mortgages – $1600/month in equity
Index Fund VFIAX – $200/month
Ally Bank Savings Account – $20/month

Note: The rental properties aren’t 100% still requires some time accounting income and expenses… but seriously, I have everyone on staff to handle things as they come up. Maybe one hour of work per month, sometimes two.

I essentially keep my spending at the level I make from the rental properties so that everything else I earn from real estate can be re-invested to make more money. That way I can ramp up my investments and keep the portfolio growing.

Some other great ways of earning passive income include:

Investing in Real Estate – Rental Properties

Investing in the stock market – I’m a fan of Vanguard Index Funds

Owning intellectual property such as ebooks, websites, online marketing…and maybe even YouTube 😉

Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping can be good choices.

Through semi-absentee owned businesses such as Laundromats, Self Storage Centers, Car Washes, etc.

Owning your own business and hiring out people to manage the day-to-day operations

Peer to Peer lending –,, etc.

If you’ve actually read this far, I hope you appreciate the transparency – I’m doing these videos as an example of what’s possible and to plant the seed why passive income and investing is absolutely important.

Thanks again for watching! Feel free to comment below, let me know your thoughts, questions, anything…

For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at

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Serg Lupescu says:

You’re a genius.

Morteza Maddahi says:

Please answer to this question, how much I need to start an investment on rental property in USA? Thank you

Steven Dinh says:

I'm pretty sure you could have save us from 13 minutes. People say they want to help, but then a business though helping. Therefore, is it helping or is it business? Why not both?! Not everyone is a humanitarian or philanthropic. People have consumption to pay for.

Summary, invest, invest, invest. Whether it be time, energy, money or ideas, invest. But for broke ass people like me, where it's difficult to get approved for a loan, pay your bills, appreciate each day, and quit measuring yourself by your negative net worth because worthlessness is the only sum you'll conclude to.

joseph pray says:

i am 53 , i dont have many years left , and on a fixed income .

joseph pray says:

who got a hundred thousand dollars in there pocket , i don't .

joseph pray says:

what about maintenance on the properties , new roof , pipe leaks , etc , bad Tenants , and so on .

Kevin Dacres says:

Thank you so much for the video. Your explanation was detailed and you don’t have to do this for us so thank you.

Patrick Vanegas says:

hey man, can you make a video about marijuana stocks and whats going on in the news? thanks!

Mythos Effect says:

how did u get the loans

Eithan Schuler says:

The online one of these that is truly passive is ebooks. You can write an ebook and be done with it. but everything else requires even a little bit of maintenance here and there. TRUE passive income is a little bit of time/money upfront ant then that is all. Period. True passive income shouldn't require any attention ever after the initial set up. Things like making an app, writing an ebook, investing in stocks that pay dividends, investing in IPO's… etc. I guess if you invested in real estate through a property management company that may be closer to passive but the property management company is still going to contact you every once in a while with renter issues. Think as the word means: passive is not active. Passive is passive, not mostly passive.

SHK says:

How do I get 5 properties? You need a lot of money to even have one.

Brandon Clark says:

I fucking hate these type guys

Kristin T says:

What is your experience with squatters and evicting tenants. It seems like aa long process and a risk. I am sure it is different from month to month. Looking for your opinion

Nino Brown says:

Where'd you get the money to begin

TheSpecialist says:

Step 1: Win lottery.
Step 2: Invest in annuity.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

Now I just need to pour my life savings into the lottery!

Zaid Chalabi says:

This dude is the ONLY dude who actually break it downn and explain how he make passive income. And doesnt say "how to make 100k a month bullshiy" vs the other million guys who just talk for 30 min and u get nothing just throw courses at you. Awesome effort bro
U r great

Cat O says:

Seriuslyyy???? FROM THIS VIDEO YOU ARE UNTRUSTABLE PERSON!!.. The title should say" how I enjoy 5 dif way of income from my properties!!.. 1,1mil fingers down!! making money by "false" clicks?

Andrew Howard says:

Thanks Graham!

Steven Dvorsetz says:

It'd be cool if you made a video about this, but what do you think about using Turo as a business model? Pay cars that will pay for themselves + profit. I've seen youtubers of people with fleets of vehicles they rent out on Turo.

Sticks says:

you sound really made….

TheAsianGunster says:

Yeah. Your 401k/IRA money is basically nothing. It takes a wife to blow all of the 401K money it in 1 second.

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