How to Make Passive Income on YouTube w/ Pat Flynn.

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If you want to make MORE money on YouTube, a passive income stream should be your #1 priority. Pat Flynn explains what it is and how to do it the smart way. SUBSCRIBE NOW:

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▶What is vidIQ?
vidIQ is a chrome extension that provides on-the-spot analytical video data as well as tools to help you research the best topics and manage your YouTube channel.

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Watch this video that covers 100 different ways we can help in just 15 minutes:

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Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

I love hearing what other creators are doing and what helps them to succeed!

MissAmyxo says:

Very helpful! I have recently been more serious about my channel and have doubled since the beginning of the year in subscribers! Even if I'm still a small creator it was such a confidence boost to have that happen. Thank you for the amazing tips ?

Nick's Toy World says:

Great video, watched it in full. Keep it up with the great content! I'm looking forward to my son's page to grow enough one day and start monetizing

TeamAutismpedia says:

Another vidsummit speaker

Twitch Ghoull says:

Almost at 100 subscribers. 🙂

TechNgamer says:

Pls I wanna see it I thought of seeing it today and u removed it pls help

TechNgamer says:

Bro y did u delete your last 2 video's

K9 Dash Cams says:

very useful:)

always smile says:

hello bRo rob.i am hppy i saw your channel…many i learned thank you so much???

EvanTheArcader says:

What happened to the livestream you did yesterday? I went to watch the replay and it wasn’t there.

Jackie Strohl says:

Great content! I cannot wait to have as many subscribers as you guys. I am just getting started on my own YT channel focusing on showing people that anyone can be successful as an affiliate, even with a sad a story like mine. I would love some feedback/support on my channel. Keep these great videos coming! People like me need you guys to keep us motivated. Thank you for this.

Sneha Sharma says:

Dear, I am confused a little bit at tallest skyscraper (2:42)

Please, If you could describe that part little bit more. Thanks. 🙂

Ramu Kepanjen says:

Thank for information fideo like nice and great…..

Depression Talks With Immanuel says:

Give. Give. Give. The more value you bring to your audience, the more they trust you with their money. Thanks Rob for another great one!

Rob Unlimited Gaming says:

Good work Vid IQ and pat Flynn

Naga shyam Kumar says:

Hi rob great video
I have a doubt – how to find a topic with high search volume and low compitation with vidiq

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