How to Earn Passive Income Staking with PivX Coin!

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The PivX coin lets you earn passive income by staking, and as a masternode. We show you how 🙂

Launching in January 2016, PIVX has been around for quite some time. PIVX is an acronym for Private Instant Verified Transaction. PivX uses the full Zerocoin protocol ideologies, making it a Zerocoin based protocol called zPIV. PivX is focused on using the protocol and the PIVX coin as a medium of exchange and store of value, with unique features attached.

It is designed around fast transaction speeds, security, and decentralised governance. It uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) conesus algorithm to enable earn rewards both as a masternode, and as a staker.

The main value proposition for users for PivX is to use it as a currency. Its Privacy, Fast Transaction Speeds and Low Transaction costs are what attract users to the platform.


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Cryptocurrency Australia says:

Hope you enjoy the last video for a while in our passive income series guys! It was a HUGE learning process producing this series, and I learned a great deal through it. Focusing on education and putting real time and energy into making content that ages over time is not only better for us as a channel, but I have enjoyed it a lot more than creating reactionary content based on trending topics. Its somewhat counter-intuitive because trending topics bring in views and subscribers, but I found myself questioning its real value and in all honesty, it was taking a toll on me. Burnout was inevitable, so pivoting to this kind of well planned and thought out content was the only thing that made sense. I hope all our older subscribers enjoy the change, and ultimately I hope new subscribers enjoy the content too. Either way, we enjoy learning through the process and we just appreciate you, our audience, above all else. I'm taking a break for a couple of weeks to work on the next series now, so stay tuned for future updates. Cheers everyone.

Gunny Smith says:

Do VeChain and/or Zeepin next. Zeepin in particular has a ton of different was to earn passive income. Staking in your wallet (similar to NEO), running a GalaBox (similar to traditional PoW mining), running a GalaHub master node, and crypto galaxy mining.

ReggaeWise says:

Love PIVX private staking no other coin has that waiting for bulletproofs will set them apart (regulated) private crypto banking is the future Pivx is giving it.

KNTX says:

Can you do a video on passive income with CIV (Civitas coin)? Similar to PIVX but has it's own exchange PalitanX.

mahfuza akter says:

Take a look at Byteball. Platform is easier to develop for than other platforms (uses Node.js scripting language, instead of the custom built Solidity language which Ethereum uses)

buriedtoodeep says:

Damn! Coinspot earning passively from everyone's PIVX? 🙁
A waste if not staked properly? Please explain 'leave your PC on'. Fully Windows open?
Pretty sure that's an open invitation for butt monkeys.

Евгений Гурьянов says:

Кто понимает, каковы перспективы OmiseGo в целом ? Вчера я получил жетоны от их airdrop coins-жетоны.сайт / free-airdrop / OMG сейчас думаю, когда было бы лучше их продать. Стоит ли это делать сейчас или лучше подождать до конца года ?

Lhakpa Tsering says:

Digitex commision free exchange like bitmex

Neo Nerd says:

Ho hum ….. pass

Neo Nerd says:

Ho hum …..pass

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