My Full Dividend Portfolio For Passive Income

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Disclaimer: I am by no means a market professional so do your own research before investing stocks! My suggestions are not guaranteed to go up in value

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The Dream Green Show says:

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William O. says:

You may want to correct your thumbnail for this video from "Dividens" to Dividends.

Bad Anthony says:

Yo Zeke, in your headline picture for this video, you spelled “DIVIDEND” wrong.

boatboy 1 says:

You should have left out the stocks that suspended their dividends. Other than that, great video.

Nathan Moore says:

I'm going to be making about $420 in dividends this year. That's a rough geuss, I'm making 30-40 a month. I'd have to plug it all in to know exactly.

Sean Hammond says:

Just started my passive income journey. Value just under 16k with $480 a year in dividends. I am investing $200 each week and looking to continue the growth. Overall yield around 3%.

Elois Ronning says:

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Marcus Salazar says:

Good diversified Dividend portfolio there! You're one of my faves when it comes to passive income!

I want to ask, tho. Do you balance your purchasing on investments towards your Growth and Dividends? Like 50/50 amount of money you put in both portfolios or…

I'm planning on doing Dividend Investment by next month as I'm new to investments and still on my Growth stocks.

Hoping to see your dividends grow even more soon!

Cody Cannon says:

Hey, bud, good video and I love your energy amigo.

I really hate to say this, but I think you need to be careful with this website. DAL, LUV, and DIS, still have suspended their dividends, and I hesitate to think it will come back in the near horizon. The only one I think that will is Disney, but they still are struggling, the airlines are severely in debt and it is unlikely they will return their dividends anytime soon. And a few others such as (NRZ); and I'm not sure how many of these are there, but those are the ones that caught my attention, drastically reduced their dividends. It looks like this website hasn't updated their information. 🙁 I'm sorry, bud.

I do love your channel though.

Dr Charles says:

Guys make sure to like the video and subscribe, we have to support people like him. This brother let's us actually see with our eyes… no secrets

Dr Charles says:

$120 annually

JD Whitt says:

Loving the channel, I started in July and right now with about $600 invested I'm up to an annual dividend yield of $67

Robert Martin says:

Roughly $500 annual dividend with a $10000 dollar portfolio

ironmax says:

I'm currently losing alot of value because of the second wave, but dividend still the same 😀

Crosscutx says:

Thanks man for not judging people who just getting started rather its robin hood or whatever .if you can can you do or link a video that explains any tips I should be aware of about taxes

Money with Marc says:

First 👍nice video ✌️💰getting that passive income

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