Passive income Plan: Millionaire Starts Again from Scratch! (NO MONEY)

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I explain how to start passive income with no money. I’m a millionaire starting again from scratch with zero money! I discuss dropshipping, business, side hustles and investing.

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If someone took everything away from me, my businesses, investments and all my money in the bank. Would I be able to start from scratch and become a multi-millionaire again?

The short answer is yes I would and not only do i think i could do it i also would say its possible to achieve in half the time or less!

My first move would be getting the highest paid job possible if this is minimum wage working in McDonalds, Walmart or anything like that then that will be fine. The only purpose of this job is to establish an income stream. Without money it’s very hard to accomplish anything, instead of thinking of it as a drug I will be using it as a fuel to propel me towards my goals.

My second move would be to establish a side hustle or side job of some sort. Back when I was younger I used to catch and sell fish but the times have moved on. Selling fish door to door from a shopping cart may not be seen as hygienic any more but I had great fun catching them and selling them was just a bonus !

Online marketing would be the number one high income skill I would want to learn. The best way for me to do that and make some money on the side would be to set up a drop shipping store.

Dropshipping is when you take a product from a supplier, market and advertise it online and then get the supplier to ship it directly without ever physically touching the item. Running a profitable drop shipping store requires you to learn the basics of business, how to run ads on social media, how to build a website, copywriting, graphic design and in some cases video editing.

Build an emergency Fund – This is a savings account with 3-5 months of my living expenses.

Open a vanguard account and start consistently investing into low cost index funds like the s&p 500 which is a collection of the top 500 companies in the USA. By starting at such a young age I would be able to take advantage of compound interest.

My third move would be building a strong network of connections. An important part of this would be finding a few mentors to help guide me. I would do this by using social media to grow my personal brand and documenting my journey.

My fourth move would happen the day I turn 18 and it would be getting a credit card. A credit card has so many benefits including protection on purchases, points you can use for free travel, cashback and most importantly building your credit score.

My 5th move is when things start to really come together. I would use the money, skills and connections I had been building to start a scalable business once I had identified a gap in the market, most likely within an online or software niche.

Once my business was able to support itself and it was making me money on almost auto-pilot It would be time for my 6th move, diversify and focus on my personal portfolio.

50% of my portfolio would consist of Real Estate. As rental properties can generate income all year round. The rental income is great and will pay off the mortgage but the increase in value of the property is generally fantastic if you buy right.

25% of my portfolio would be in index funds this will allow me to keep growing my wealth with the stock market.

Pension accounts would make up 10%. The truth is the word may be old but they are one of the most tax efficient best long term investments you are likely to make and the younger you start the better.

12% would consist of Investing my money into businesses seeking investment. This would be a lot like you see on dragons den and shark tank in return for a percentage of their business I would offer my money, mentoring and network of connections. I like this type of investment as it allows me to use my business skills to influence the success of my investment which investing in the stock market can’t give me!

I would use 2.5% of my portfolio to dabble in individual stocks. This is the money I can afford to lose AND HAVE A BIT OF FUN WITH.

I would reserve 0.5% for the most risky investment bitcoin.

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Michael Ortega says:

Those people who disliked are the same ones who say all their problems are someone else’s fault. Literally. Anyone can make money. The hard part is learning to keep it and build passive income for life.

Jacob Reynolds says:

These is actually very good advice

King Okafor says:

If everything started over the government would bail them out

Sam B says:

He should do that donate every penny, get rid of every possession and have him start over.. let’s see how long it takes him to save up for a computer and the internet bill.. a car to get to and from work.. get a place to rent electric bill and food..

Andres Barros says:

If I smash that button for graham I can smash it for mark 🙌🏻

Chakraa says:

Personally for me it would be get a job, use that money to fund a forex account lol.

Ross says:

I'm tired of all these gurus who always claim to show you the "simple blueprint" but once you get started you realize how difficult this shit actually it… i mean uou gotta hustle n look for clients and stuffs… im just going to play the lotto screw all

I spit my gum On the side walk says:

So when did he quit his job at McDonald's 😂😂😂

Thomas Jefferson says:

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Boluwatife Raphael says:

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Cash out Is good says:

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Don Mejj says:

It is a pleasure recommending Hackbylloyd on IG they made me a successful millionaire today ❤️

Micheal Thamos says:

I’m glad at Hackbylloyd on IG they’re life savers

Guilherme Guerreiro says:

How would you start investing in Real Estate when you don't have the money to even buy a Studio?

Derek Dawes says:

Want to know how to get rich. You have to do something most people won't. Overcome fear.

Annie C Garcia says:

Very informative video so helpful 👍

Zeal Truce says:

Only if I knew where the mentors were and how to get them to give me tips…
It's what I came here for. I follow several other similar channels and nothing really helps. Gotta pay bills, I don't waist money on nonsense and I save money but it's just not enough fast enough to even use to leverage. Working better jobs than the 2 u said u wouldn't mind starting with.
I'm in my 30's already so time is not in my favor either 🤷🏾‍♂️
I've even used investment apps to help me out but dividends r low as hell which is to be expected since I don't have much money to put in to begin with.

Alain Gutierrez says:

2020 has been the year I quit my job(wasn’t easy), took a gig job, have my eBay store, and invest in a growth and dividend portfolio.

Zayn Umar says:

Superb advice mark ! I'm 21 from Manchester ! Can't wait to start my journey and provide value to the world !

janis says:

Why does this sound so easy

UltimateBargains says:

I had nothing but problems and headaches with Shopify; I will never again go there.

Marco Silva says:

Needs help with my vanguard

Robert Naab says:

How about doing this starting at age 40????

Jae White says:

Not running a ds store for 10k a year

Michael Stawski says:


Superblobby says:

I’m 18 and I’m currently working a minimum wage job. Are there other passive income streams other than dividends and drop shipping? It’s become too oversaturated and I want to know if there’s alternatives to drop shipping.

James Curley says:

I’m a 16 year old, and I’m wondering what is a passive income skills that I can balance time wise with sports, work, and school? I realize that the more time I put into something the better the outcome, but I just want a small side hustle that allows me to learn about the digital market while still making some money. What skill would you suggest? And is there any program or book that can help me learn about the digital market as a 16 year old?

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