How I Made $18,000 In Passive Income July 2020

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Ever wonder how to make passive income? In this video I will share with you how I made $18,000 from my passive income ideas for July 2020

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My passive income can be broken down into these categories to simplify.

First Dividend Income from investing in stocks I was able to receive over $900 which is consider the truest form of passive income as it comes in well you sleep and I recommend everyone having a diversified dividend stock portfolio!

Second making money online for passive income can be done with websites and YouTube. This month I generated over $1,000 from these combined income sources. Now one could argue this is not passive income but it requires minimal effort once set up and can be done from anywhere in the world!

Third content licencing is something I have be trying to utilize for passive income by selling old content ive made for T.V & Netflix shows.This month I was able to make $1,200 In passive income well also appearing on shows without having to show up!

Finally and most importantly the majority of my passive income came from capital gains generated from my stock portfolio equaling over $15,000 thanks to my investments in companies like Tesla, Apple & Facebook!

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This is a reminder I am not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only!

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Shane Wan says:

Hi Kyle when do you think bank stocks gonna recover? Like BNS TD

AlbiDoo says:

I see you have Gov Benefit listed for $2K.. if that's CERB you are supposed to be reporting your income, I think that includes online income. So that means you wouldn't qualify. Are you not reporting your income?

Christianah Rose says:

Nice video I thought of investing in bitcoin around March but was discouraged with the rise and fall of bitcoin. But ever since I meet Mike trading on bitcoin had always been the best thing ever happened to me I make a 8bitcoin profit into my blockchain so reliable.You can reach him via Telegram Adammike01

Jason Stupak says:

Thanks Kyle!

TheMillennialMarket says:

I really wish I had your spreadsheet to start controlling mines!
Thanks for the video mate!

Jannes Wouter Maurits Beckeringh says:

Thankful for your continuous insights!

Is there a way for you to contact Google in order to get rid of all these fake scam accounts commenting about speculative investing with their so-called experts which try to scam not-so-smart people by having their email addresses and phone numbers displayed on which they want to get contacted. This in combination with generating fake likes and comments on their initial comment, perhaps make it more believable for some.

Enough ranting, the value you provide through these video's is enormous. Thanking you sincerely for your dedication the past months, and happy for you to see your passive stream of income growing fast. Greetings from The Netherlands, Jannes.

laith sabunchi says:

Why don’t you use wealthsimple??

Mr. Dividend Investor says:

Awesome passive income! Thanks for sharing my friend. 🤙

xxIndridcold99xx says:

Bro ! Go Back to the old intro ! Stay Awesome

Shritanjay Bhatia says:

Opinions on apple shares at these prices

Saahib Khan says:

Nice one Kyle, I take that 151 after tax is in USD, so canadian equivalent would be more, in fact CAD 205ish?

Clownan around says:

Great video goals

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