6 TOP Ways to Make Passive Income (with under $1000)

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In this video, we’re going over 6 of the smartest and most profitable ways to make passive income in 2020. All of these methods require under $1000 to start, so really it’s perfect for almost anyone. Some of these passive income sources actually require no upfront money to start!

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I’m a serial entrepreneur who is a big proponent on creating side hustles and multiple sources of income. If you’re like any person, you have a finite amount of time on your hands. By building more passive income sources, you can make money while you sleep. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing that’s truly “passive” – everything requires some initial investment of time or money. But once you figure out one passive income source, you can move on to another one and keep building more and more.

This is one of those videos I recommend watching all of- the more you know the more opportunities you will see are right in front of you!! There are a million ways to make money in a non traditional way today. All you need is to know how to spot them. We’ll be talking about passive income sources like affiliate marketing, all the way to dividend/growth stocks.

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Charlie Chang says:

Let me know what you guys think of these passive income ideas! I am a huge proponent of making money passively, and I want everyone to be able to do it as well. Subscribe for more videos like this!

Maitri Shah says:

Make a separate Amazon FBA video!!

Theadore Goode says:

"Another One" * In my DJ Khaled voice*

Pete Tran says:

Not gonna lie — you had me in the first half

Building Wealth says:

Great job! I will definitely like to implement these in the near future. One of my current income streams is dividend stocks – its a low cost way to start getting passive income.

Veer Jain says:

Hey can u make a video on active income sources..i really like your videos it inspires me alot being 14 and always get to learn from you ..love from INDIA💓✌

Harm Won says:

Such life changing information. I wish I knew this information 10 years ago. But its never too late. What are your thoughts on the chatbot business Aminos by Kerin Lewis? Thanks again for this great info Charlie

Michael Wong says:

Awesome video man. Great info on generating a lot of wealth. Thanks man.

Junlong Chen says:

Great video, Charlie! I've been following you awhile now and I really appreciate your honesty in all your videos. I used your junglescout affiliated link and have opened an account. My goal is to try to start a FBA business within my budget and have it be profitable. How trustworthy is the data that JS uses? Amazon never discloses any of that to anyone..

Sean Lei - Money & Minimalism says:

What’s up Charlie! I remember listening to your podcast episode of Badass Asian Dudes and you’ve come so far since then – and that wasn’t that long ago! Keep it up mate

My Mystical Channel says:


Anthony Pietrobono says:

Brb creating an onlyfans page. Thanks Charlie!

Stan The Man says:

love the intro lol

Financial Freedom says:

Lol @Charlie Chang that intro… literally I've been about 🤏 that close to seeing up an only fan's 😂😂

Quick Silver says:

I wanna start FDA but I don’t know what to sale

Eric Sun says:

Hey @charliechang, can you put a summary at the end of your videos?

Quick Silver says:

Like like like

Dylan Dalton says:

Sweet Sweet Dividends <3

Finance Turned Easy says:

Great tips bro ! I approve!

Pierce Jordan - Personal Finance says:

Great video man! Oftentimes people forget how much legwork there can be in the beginning but once you get something going you get to reap the benefits for a very long time!

Learning Finance says:

Well done Charlie, I appreciate your productivity 💪🏻😎
Keep it up!
Just shared a fundamental valuation on Spotify (SPOT), if interested 👌🏻

iVocals says:


Professor Finance - Learning With Animations says:

I love the comedic intro it really caught my attention!!😂😂

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