Passive Income: How to Make $100 Per Day In 2020

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Passive Income is one of the hottest topics when it comes to making money. In this video I give you many ideas that can help you generate passive income in the future. All of these which have the potential to make you $100 per day eventually if you are consistent with them. Thanks for watching 🙂

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When It comes to making money, there is always one popular topic of discussion. You guessed it right, passive income. Passive income is the BEST way to make money due to the fact that its passive and there is little work involved. But making passive income in 2020 is easier said in done right? It also must take a lot of money right? No, in this video I go over three ways I have been able to make passive income starting at $0.

There two types of passive income, one type is when you have to work and build something and in the future that thing can potentially earn you passive income. This is more for those who don’t have any money to start with. Examples for making this happen are Youtube, affiliate marketing, Air BNB, etc.

The other type of passive income can be bought with money. This would include things like real estate that cashflow every month, this would also include stock investments that pay dividends. This is by far the easiest way to generate passive income, but for most people starting on their journey that don’t have a lot of money, this type of passive income can be something you work towards in the future.

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