Passive Income Ideas For 2020 / How Many Sources Of Passive Income Do You Need?

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All topics ranging from Personal finance to saving, investing,
how to manage and grow wealth and with some ranting in the middle.
I’m here to help everyone get over the hurdle of thinking that
making money or becoming rich is difficult, because it isnt, and
I’ll show you to make sense of it all.

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vijay vivek says:

hey buddy, which is that website where i can upload strange noises ?

Carl Mikal says:

Can we see your online businesses?

Lambo Calrissian says:

What do you think of Decentraland? Think it’s wiser to buy Decentraland property or just hold Mana? More of a TMI question but somewhat related and you might actually see it here.

Alex 1407 says:

Question is to buy 1 BTC or 32 ETH if you only could do one ^^ passive income sounds amazing 😅

Alex 1407 says:

But if you stake your eth on an exchange you need to trust them a lot let your coins sit on there ..

Big Chaz says:

Excellent video! I've been a fan for a while now. I love this new channel as much as the old one. Keep up the good work. Very informative, Thanks! 🙂

Jordi says:

How would I event start this? I mean, HOW could I buy Apple stocks? Is there any particular website you recommend? How/Were do I actually PURCHASE them. I would LOVE a video explaining that in detail!!!

Blake McNally says:

So you aren't a big fan of negative gearing huh?

Ivan Dynov says:

Thanks TMI, you're awesome! Now that we know your face, next step is to know your name 😊

Jared Correa Fitness says:

Great tips and ideas for building passive income. Dividend investing and building a online business through instagram and youtube is my goal. Fitness and finance are my hobbies so I figured why not go all in. Awesome video and keep up the great work. Thanks

Frank Vg says:

talking about crypto. if electricity is cheap (pv solar), mining is a easy and fun way of passive income

Floyd Franklin says:

Where can we buy a dividend stock? Do you have any recommended sites? Also what are your thoughts on investing in Fundrise?

Digital Queso says:

How many Ada is needed for staking?

Mental Health Hygiene w/ Kumar says:

Hiya TMI, do you think you could make a video about your journey/growth as a content creator? After all you’ve built a pretty strong following. Any thoughts and lessons you have would be helpful!

Minute Hustle says:

hi buddy do you use plus500 to buy dividend stocks? and do plus 500 give you the dividends? or is there another site/app that i go to to buy the blue chip stocks?

Da Vinyl says:

I truly believe real estate will crash in the coming months.. Im here to buy the "dip" though!

Arslan says:

Yes. Crypto staking is the thing. ETH and Cardano will be big. I would say ICX have the good staking rewards.

Dakota Shipley says:

GAHH its so weird not hearing the "SEEEEE YOUUUU" at the end of the video! Thanks, TMI!

CineSceneZone says:

I make a small passive income from my dozen 'self-help' books which I have self-published on Amazon Kindle and what was its subsidiary CreateSpace. I published them between 2012-2015 when, admittedly, it was much easier to market new books on those platforms than it is now. When I first started, a successful marketer told me a very simple formula to follow if I wanted to have success. It was to find a ‘hungry’ crowd who need a problem solved – the more desperate they are for information the better – then simply link them up to that solution via your book (or podcast, whatever). That simple formula has always worked well for me and I was never an expert in whatever given solution I had to provide. I just looked for the solution myself, packaged it nicely, and gave it to them for a small price. Then just rinsed and repeated.

Dakota Shipley says:

It's nice to actually, and finally, see TMI. I've been on the channel for a year or so now. Get work family, thank you. Hope you're doing well. Keep up the excellent content.

Stephen dela Cruz says:

I'm sticking to #three… that's all I can handle.

Sleepy Puppy Crypto says:

How about those construction workers?

Stephen dela Cruz says:

I've got a lot of plans that passes by my head…

1. You can flip #SportsCards
2. You can flip #PokemonCards
3. You can flip #YuGiOhCards

If you don't believe me… go to eBay app type those 3… and click "Filter", click "Show More" and click the switch on "Completed Items" and "Sold Items". Then click on "Sort" and select the "Highest Price + Shipping" option. And be ready for eyes to be shock! 😯

Oh… Pokemon Cards beat Sport Cards… by miles! #Unbelievable

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