How I Make $12,000+ a Month! (Passive Income)

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SwiftSnake says:

pyrimad scheme 2020

kusuma neeralagi says:

I just stopped subbing to him from now on

Mark 34212 says:

i love this video. make more please i used to be u active but now i’ll be active

Zorkz says:

that csgo skin money really got the ball rolling huh

HAM says:

Komm in die Gruppe brudi

jaybee says:

Have you thought of divers bitcoin since crypto seems too be the move of the future

cevrim says:

real estate should be the bigger % of your income. They are not going anywhere. People will still need a place to stay in 100 years.

Anderson Gan says:

Another banger

Casey Sills says:

I use to frag with you and Laurence and trevor and yaz back in powersgaming

dougow says:

what crypto fund do you use?

Steven Galvan says:

It’s possible to “work” 200 hours a week. Some people do over time, which can be time and a half or double time.

diran00 says:

How does your taxes work with all this btc stuff anyway

Grebe90 says:

i honestly would cash out the bitcoin and put that into real estate my brother in-law is making 3X that in a month from it

Adam says:

love your videos since 2016!

Billy Ly says:


guldleo21 says:

More like this

CaraM says:

m0E money mo problems

Retarded Mongoloid says:

more of this type of content pls

WraitH says:

do you stil have your cars?

André Barroso says:

Invest in real estate please

Sammy says:

I work 37 hours a week and make $1000 a month 😀


Please put out more videos like this

Averuix Kiddo says:

You should check out oracle on YouTube about btc and check out cashfx

dark sider says:

yeeess moe i like these fucking videos keep it up but just one thing try to get outside and be more actif and show us the actual properties you owned and maybe talk to famous real estate agents like that guy you showed on your twitch did .This way your videos will be much better. Love what ur doing keep'em coming ma man

leki cohen says:

Keep these types of videos up!!! Love the vids

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