The Best Way to Buy a Car — That Pays Passive Income.

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Buy or lease? New or used? What’s the best way to buy / own a car? Well, if you want more money to invest, then realize the power of this reverse-passive income hack to free up CASHFLOW for your stock and real estate investments — so you can insulate yourself from the madness the marketplace and instead make the right choice when it comes to buying new cars, used cars, or leasing cars. Want a luxury car or a Tesla? Don’t worry — we cover that too. *Timestamps below.*
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0:26 How and Why I Failed.
2:20 Concept: Passive-Income Hack (Reverse).
3:16 Numbers on Concept 1.
6:01 Don’t Kid Yourself (Leases/Buys/Own).
7:01 What about Tesla & autopilot?
8:31 Secret Hack with Used, Luxury Cars for Wealth.


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Meet Kevin says:

Did you like this video on buy new, buy used, or lease a car? Or should I stick to the Meet Kevin Reports? PS 17% off on the courses with “SaintKevin.” EXPAND FOR TIMESTAMPS

0:26 How and Why I Failed.
2:20 Concept: Passive-Income Hack (Reverse).
3:16 Numbers on Concept 1.
6:01 Don’t Kid Yourself (Leases/Buys/Own).
7:01 What about Tesla & autopilot?
8:31 Secret Hack with Used, Luxury Cars for Wealth.

Kid_ Stylez says:

At the end of the day he's giving advise and nuggets on how to have more money. Cal it what you will this is advise you should be writing down

Planet Claire Has Big Hair says:

you don't want to buy a used BMW with close to 50k miles…..don't be fooled here……because BMW no longer provides free servicing and this is where and when things go wrong, go kaput… X5 needed a new trans, after 4 yrs…..surprise, barely out of warranty…………….got BMW to cover but things started going wrong over 50k miles…..headlights, windshield wipers and MOTORS….stereo problems…air conditioning major problems…..incessant unbalancing of wheels……..and so…………yeah…..that's the truth

drzpapi413 says:

Want a new car?
Lease under an LLC and write off the payments. Like Robert Kiyosaki says, spend your money so uncle Sam can get less of it; if not none.

RL M says:

BMW's are high maintenance. This hack will only work with a Lexus!

Daniel Carrazana says:

X1 should of been an X5 @ 9:29

Marcus Conn says:

Scotty Kilmer say's NEVER buy a BMW… they are money pits. If you need to get it out of your system then LEASE ONLY! And don't get a BMW that has over 100K miles on it. They are designed to fall apart at that time.

Dawson x says:

But what about maintenance fees on luxury cars? If I do things with all cash no mortgage, should I buy used or new? Hmm…. I have to research this :3

Adam Wahlberg says:

Played afflock during MoP. I often think of all the hours I poured into that f***ing game, and how if I put just a fraction of that effort into my career – how much further along I’d be.

Brian Frey says:

I like the cameo by Arkansas legend Canaan Sandy!

Thorganiclife says:

But KEVIN!! What about the tax write offs for leasing a car under your business?

Chris M says:

It is not that black and white. The guy who bought the BMW new put the first a hundred and thirty thousand miles in the vehicle. After about a hundred fifty to two hundred thousand miles a vehicle starts to fall apart a lot more quickly. There are much more maintenance costs in the second half of a vehicle's life. The higher payment for buying new is also because the vehicle is in better shape and will last you longer.

Baxter Ross says:

Buying a heavily depreciated German luxury car is the ultimate life hack

drippingwax says:

I usually buy Hondas that are thirteen years old and repairs average $30 a month for about four years, when I buy another. I wish that I could say I saved $6,000 a year and put it in a Roth IRA.

Joe L says:

Hey Kevin, wondering what you think about I’ll market like Denver. I have a few rental properties but they are building apartment buildings like gangbusters out here. I’m wondering if it might be a good idea to sell those due to over building. Would love your opinion thanks for your videos.

michael Sanseverino says:

Oh and here’s a other thing that old ass bmw you got . A lot of the tech is in a dam Toyota Corolla now. Example my 2009 saab 9-3 aero xwd does not have half the stuff my Toyota Corolla hatchback has. What it does have is $500 a peace shocks in the rear. Funny thing is I paid the same money 2 years ago as I did my Toyota this year and it only has 19k vs 93k . Yeah it’s fast as hell but not worth it . Hmm I wonder which one will be on the road longer . In this case listen to Scotty 🙂 rev up you real estate 🤣 stick to what you know.

michael Sanseverino says:

This is the first time. I don’t agree with you’re advice. I would not buy a German car older then 2 years . You will care when you have to fix it. There a reason why bmw ,Mercedes Benz, land rovers value drop like a stone. Reliability. These cars cost a lot of money to keep going. Your out of your mind buying a 100k + European car as your primary car. You not going to save money you’re going to loose money in up keep. The numbers he quoted for upkeep are not true. Example if you go shell out 15 k on some Mercedes Benz models . With 100miles a lot of stuff is reaching ithe end of its life span. Shock for example are not going to be 500 all around like a normal Toyota or Ford. No they are 1500 each and that’s just for the parts . This is all just show boating it’s not smart . Now if it’s going to be a week end toy that’s one thing. No if it’s going to be your primary car to get you around in life. I can see maybe getting a car that’s 2 years old just of a Lease because there a good chance it still has a bit of its factory warranty left. Also if it’s in good shape you may be able to take advantage of a factory warranty program ( do not get the after market ones it’s a scam oh and no you don’t need that to get a loan the sales guy lying. ) so no really bad advice and not a hack at all.

7_Red says:

The BMW 325i has always been one of my favorites too.

Trip0d Gaming says:

Better idea take the $2000 buy a beater enjoy the extra $200, $400,$800 every month. Use extra money to invest, buy a rental property and create "Real" passive income.

Takuto Azia says:

My new favourite colour, in the coller without violet !!

Warren S. says:

Just get a Lexus.

Murray Clarke says:

He’s right. Keep the cash.

I’ll only buy new when I can write it off for tax through my business – when in profit obviously. Otherwise it’s old but well kept second hand!!

Joseph Ray de Guzman says:

Great video!

Gabriel Robinson says:

Thanks for the advice!!!! Now I know!!!

Project Reloaded: Media says:

A real hack is buying a used sports car that appreciates in value every year rather than de- (i.e. lotus roadsters)

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