How To Make $300/Day Passive Income Online In 2020

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So you want to start making passive income.. The best way to do that is by building an online business that pays you money while you sleep.

In this video, I’ll be going over the best online businesses you should start in 2020. I’ve seen massive success with all of these, either in my own experience or seeing other people succeed with them so I know that they work.

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First: Let’s break down the fact that $300 a day in passive income is $100K per year.

That’s a respectable 6 figure salary in any society – but the best part is that with passive income, it becomes entirely possible and even simple to achieve this number.

$300 a day in profit = 20-40 sales per day of your online product
$300 a day in profit = 8 consulting clients/month (@ $1000-1500/month)
$300 a day in profit = 3 sales of an online course (@ $100 per course)

Every single millionaire breaks down their goals into smaller pieces, and then reverse engineers them to understand exactly what they should do to achieve this income goal.

When I first started with online business and passive income, I was struggling working at my 9-5 at a big bank in Canada, hating my job, hating my life, having to pay off $40,000 in college debt.

I came home from work one time, completely fed up, and searched up the words… “How To Make Money Online”

That’s when my journey began, and that’s what brought me to Step 1 of reaching $300 a day in passive income.

Here are the exact steps:

1) Awareness

– This is when you wake up from the 9-5 script, you realize that you want MORE out of your life and you’re ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

2) Choosing Your Wealth Vehicle

– Now you must choose your passive income business or ‘wealth vehicle’.
– This can be Amazon FBA, Shopify, Consulting, personal branding etc.

3) Learning Phase

– Here you’re learning everything you can about the wealth vehicle.
– You’re watching non stop YouTube videos, investing in courses, mentorship, planning out your business strategy.

4) Trial and Error

– “If you don’t quit you can’t fail.”
– Trying and trying again until you reach success.
– You only need to WIN once.


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Gerald Lofton says:

Dan Great video…is on POINT like always. You always show the math to get to where ur going thanks for that!!! What are you doing on the west coast of Florida….I’m in Miramar Fl…not that far from you if you’re going to be there for a few …I can drive over and take u out for a Coffee….Let me know…it would be my pleasure…you have given so much to the channel…that’s the least I can do!!! Again thanks 😊

Epicnerd73 says:

I can tell this boi has read the millionaire fastlane 😉

Vampirist says:

where is the quiz link that you talked about at the end of the video

Aseal says:

Hey Dan! I’m trying to make my Facebook ads based on the 10 dollar ads method but my audience insights page is just blank for some reason. It’s been like that ever since yesterday. I’ve accessed and used it before but I don’t know what’s happening at the moment.

MegaFortyfour says:

really great and inspirational vid mate, love it!

NETTGLISH - I Love English says:

I was on the verge to get evicted and this site saved me just Google without spaces FunOnlineWork .c o m

Neoeeo says:

Those who give up freedom for security dont deserve either one.

Michael says:

Great video, maybe a stupid question but what do you mean exactly when you say build something of value? Do you just mean to build the stores for products that solve issues for people instead of just gimmicks or do you mean something else?

Space Invader says:

"entrepreneurship is the greatest journey of your life" nice quote 😀

Earn Free Bitcoin With Coinpot & Faucethub says:

I was on the verge to get evicted and this method saved me, just Google with no spaces FunOnlineWork .c o m

Rosa Orias says:

great video but the only web-site that made me monnies is simply Google Easy Laptop Life .c om

Chris B. says:

Hello Dan! Have you posted the quiz yet? Thank you

Ronnie Sutton says:

How do you stay in your flow state working online? Working on the computer always scrambles my brain after an HR or so and it's hard to stay focused on a specific path

Amazon Titan says:

Great videos I mean really great videos, how come you never talk about Ebay? I sell in UK and from what I know Ebay is same big like Amazon and that is crazy

Joshua Loveless says:

Don't see the quiz link in the description 🙁

Diny says:

I like this video, you look like a honest guy, I know that is a bussiness selling courses, but if you are true about the mission you talked about, selling real value, tools, guide, etc , should be the most important things in your biss of selling courses. Best of luck, I will keep watching your vids. Keep it honest

Andy Hailey says:

Great stuff as always Dan! I'm starting my fba journey right now, first product is in production. I'm excited to get going. Thanks for what you do.

Reddit Daily says:

There are lots of value in this video. Thanks Dan. I've started my digital marketing agency recently after purchasing a course and learning the techniques. I've been cold reaching businesses and I managed to book a meeting with a business owner next week.

Joshua Loveless says:

You imspire me Dan!! Thank you so much!!!!!

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