How To Make Passive Income ? (7 Uncommon Ways)

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In this video, I will show you 7 uncommon ways to make passive income in 2018!

How can you make money while you sleep? Watch the video to find out!


Nate O'Brien says:

1,000 likes and I'll release another video!

pastrana21 says:

informative. also gotta say….ur a hottie

Alstreim Anime says:

Bro, thank you very much for this videos. I've been looking for new ways to make income while I'm studying and you give me so many ideas through all of your videos. Thanks a lot!

Michael Kang Yung Jai Freitag says:


James Brown says:

Why is this guy so hot

Ant1nefubu says:

Please hold the book up for a while if youโ€™re gonna recommend it. You barely mentioned the title and never held the book steady enough for me to read the title. Less flimsy with the hands please.

Great info btw… thx

Oscar Penaloza says:

Where can I get these beat software's?

Jennifer O'Brien says:

Wow what a great video! Love these unique passive income sources and ideas! Thanks for sharing fellow O'Brien!

Shylin Vlad says:

So obvious from one side, but from another side, you never think about these kind of things. Thank you for the video!

Wicked Passive - Investing Videos says:

This is a great video Nate. I am less fond of renting our property (car, house) but the ideas you covered are well articulated and explained. I have done ebooks but I think I will Udemy a shot! Happy investing – WP

Gates Johnson says:

Tai Lopez also own a very successful oil company or something

Kush Gandhi says:

Maybe I misinterpreted it, but it seems like you're trying to say that as long as you have a camera/video camera/music making software, you can make money from stock photos, videos, and music. I hope you realize that for stock photography you have to understand a lot about photography as you have to take quality pictures not just random pictures of anything that comes into your mind (Generally, you need to understand flash photography for studio portraits, which is quite common on sites like shutterstock. Also, stock video isn't just somebody walking out on the streets of New York holding up a video camera at every building they see. Same thing goes for stock music. I understand you probabaly didn't mean to come off like this, but the way you said it makes it seem as though you think photography, video, and music require little skill.

Ryan Kudasik says:

I will say about airbnb. It's not exactly passive. It takes quite a bit of work to keep a space clean and inviting. But you can make decent money.

Skate The Bay says:

What do you sell on eBay?

Skate The Bay says:

What kind of camera did you use to make this video?

Lex Lucifer says:

Can you rent out a PS4 anywhere?

The Blockhead Boys says:

How do you make $30 a day w automated eBay ???

Sirfrank says:

if you need any beats check my channel & i would happily provide !

Karen Carvajal says:

brilliant idea with the stock music, just came across your videos, very practical and helpful. keep making great videos, youve got a new subscriber here ๐Ÿ˜€

Mastermind Webinars says:

Great ways to make passive income, thumbs up Nate, you just got yourself a new subscriber. Swing by my channel sometime, I also show people how to make money from home…only 500 more likes to go before you make another video like this..

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