My Response to Gary Vee & “Passive Income is B******t”

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Gary Vaynerchuk recently published a podcast episode and video about how passive income is BS. This video is my response.

I love Gary, and he and his work (especially his book, Crush It) have been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur, and I’m thankful that he has used his giant platform to bring to light what’s out there, and what is actually real.

As always, Gary keeps it real, and although we have different styles, you may be surprised about my take on his rant.

Here are the links to Gary’s “Passive Income is B******t” videos and podcast episode, I recommend you give them a listen:

Podcast Episode (direct):

Podcast Episode (on iTunes):

Video (original):

Video compilation of other passive income rants from Gary Vaynerchuk Fanpage:

And make sure you subscribe to Gary’s channels here on YouTube:

Gary Vaynerchuk:


Where do you stand on “passive income”? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


InternetBizUni says:

Pat and Gary, Two legends, speaking the truth.

go gadget says:

Pat, Im starting to warm to you, you're a humble guy, I like that. Now the 'passive thingamajig'. I dont think theres a lot of people who out right believe the myth, even if they do, its utterly demolished soon thereafter when the train wreck of stark reality smashes common sense into them, there comes that period when you think, I've had enough, or im gonna solider on regardless.

Anyways man God bless you and your family and keep em comin!

John Boy says:

Gary does have alot of good things to say, but I'll be honest, the one reason I can't listen to him is because he's basically teaching young entrepreneurs that expletives are hip and not unprofessional. I guess Gary hasn't heard of a certain 40 year old direct sales company that offers amazing generational income (as in, it goes to your kids when you die) income plan. Not here to promote it, just making a point. Also, isn't he basically saying MLMs are fake? Because I've always been a skeptic, but I know for a fact that they're not all fake. I have friends making a killing from a certain very reputable MLM. One of them (a former U. S Marine) left his six figure job, and since joining has even turned down a high level job offer from Google.

Jonathan De Santis says:

Gary speaks a lot of truth and has experience, but he is pushing this misconception that hustle is all it takes. This is especially prominent on instagram with people posting quotes etc… Hustle is important, but is only one of several compenents of success. Passive income is possible, but there will very likely be some maintenance involved. My friend is an internet marketer, and he stopped working on his site for a month, and he still made a few thousand dollars, enough for him to live off of. It is entirely possible.

craig daub says:

People do the same thing with Gary that people do with politics and religion. They cherry pick one quote and take it completely out of context. He also says the law of attraction is bullshit. But if you listen to him when he speaks about it, he says it has its place for some people. Yes the law of attraction is bogus in the way some people present it and uinderstand it. But it's mostly for people that have low self esteem to build self esteem so they're able to take action. It's about getting into the right mindset that will enable you to be productive and see opportunities when they arise. I know this was off topic. But it's just an example of another area where people took him out of context without listening to what he actually said. People are so quick to react without actually listing to what someone is saying.

Lucas Santoro says:

I didn't know you. I hope you benefited with Gary's video.

Daryl Hitt says:

Hey Pat,
Thanks for all your video's and the podcast. In a world full of B.S. you always give an honest all angles approach to grow business. Thank you.

LB says:

Gary hates that he worked harder than smarter in the beginning . He also hates on network marketing for the same reasons I’m sure .

Gary Mckerracher says:

Very well said I totally agree. I oversee 6 small businesses, each managed with members of staff who report to their manager which each business has. I then liaise with each manager normally twice a month face to face with usually every couple of days or more on the phone. I would say this is mostly passive income.

DJ Valerie B Love says:

Love you Pat! Keep rocking the good service! 😉 Thanks for being such a great teacher and mentor 😉

Rudyson Estanislao says:

Gary Vee is one of with Cambridge Analytica Marketing 101/Manipulative

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