CRAZY Results From My Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge (2 Weeks In!)

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A two week updating into my Epic Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge! It’s going a lot better than expected and earning a LOT of people a LOT of money!

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Watch my first video explaining the challenge here:

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Danifjr Beard Channel says:

Really great work man!! Trying to grow my channel. Seeing what you have done is awesome.

latinhuck says:

just sign up for your challenge just today. i have no experience. and nervous about the journey. i hope you can change my life.

Subscribe to my channel and I will you back

Abundance Maverick says:

I've made $100 in just over 10 days. Thanks for the value you offer Liam!

Andrew Kisilu says:

Amazing work your doing Liam,Your changing lives and that is crazy Inspirational…BOSS!!!!

Chris Earl says:

Hey man I'm loving your videos, really cool channel concept! I would really love a more concrete idea of how well you're doing in terms of how close to "making a millionaire" that you actually are. Obviously I understand if you don't wanna give out that kind of information. But just kind of an update to give us an idea of how you're getting on and where you're putting your income and stuff like that would be cool to see!

millionaire mom says:

It's amazing. Was in builderall before. Had some success but 5 sales in my first week with this funnel…. he's so inspiring I've started my own youtube channel. Come over and say hi… I don't bite xx

Islamic world Official says:

Subscribe here to get back

Stud X says:

Hi its stud

Wega Bond says:

Your Crazy Idea Help Us a Lot Brilliant Mind

Gamespark says:

Awesome content love your videos

Steve Hall says:

Thanks Liam. Just one question. Is the Facebook page a private or a public page?

Imogen Rose says:

Smashing it ???



wendy perez says:

How to we take part in the challenge if we already have builderall?

FitLife Motivation says:

Hey YouTubers ? who want to support each other ❤❤

Miclla & Ray says:

1. Subscribe
2. Comment when done
3 I’ll do the same

GioTime says:


Koloras says:

I can smell the ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Leon Louis Walker says:

120 views in less than 25 minutes with 15 Likes? Wow! I haven't even get more than 23 views in 2 months lol.

Putting my hat on, only to take it off to salute Liam James Kay 🙂 TheMillion is on the way!!!

Pablo Visconti says:

the best thing that happened to the internet ❤ you rock liam

BabyFace Motorsports says:

The info and the excitement you bring in your videos is truly amazing thank you for such great content

Thingreithing Shatsang says:


xD34DLYx-Zombies says:

Your so awesome man! I really do respect what you are doing!

KP Reactions says:

Nice video bro
KPreactions sub to my page people?

Thrashin Family says:

Love your channel! We love supporters and love supporting! ?????????? like if you want to become a millionaire!

Making A Millionaire says:

Hope you enjoyed this update video! ?Take part in the EPIC challenge here…

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